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Unformatted text preview: rrives, he will _____________ travelling for three days. 10. There you are! I _____________ thinking about you all day. 11. I _____________ cleaning the house when you arrived. 12. He _____________ washing clothes for an hour when I called. 13. Mary likes this place. She _____________ renting this apartment for a year now. 64 Shared by www.itdunya.com ITDunya.com Great Learning Urdu Web Forum Come and join us for more...... Contact us: [email protected] www.itdunya.com Chapter 19 USING MAY AND MIGHT Two other important modal verbs are may and might. The two are used interchangeably in standard American English to express probability or possibility: —You may be wrong. —You might be wrong. —The attorney might be late. —The attorney may be late. The past form is expressed as follows: modal (may/might) + have + past participle —I may/might have left my glasses in the restaurant. NOTE: Must can also be used to express probability: —The plane must be leaving now. PROGRESSIVE FORMS OF...
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