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Unformatted text preview: show cause and effect relationships: —Since you didn’t call, I made other plans. —He went to bed, because he was tired. Another way to show a cause and effect relationship is to use such... that and so... that: —It was such a nice evening that they stayed up too late. —The lemonade was so cold that she couldn’t drink it. EXERCISE Using Conjunctions Choose the conjunction which best completes the sentence. 1. ______________ we leave the bank, we’ll spend the money. (After; Since; While) 2. ______________ they arrived, they sat down to dinner. (If; Whereas; When) 3. We haven’t seen her ______________ she left. (only if; as; since) 4. ______________ you didn’t call, I made other plans. (Even if; Since; If) 5. He went to bed, ______________ he was tired. (although; because; even though) 6. It started to rain ______________ I was walking home. (while; because; unless) 7. I checked my luggage ______________ I boarded the plane. (though; now that; before) 8. ______________ I had a fever, I di...
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