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See simple past a word which replaces a noun or a

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Unformatted text preview: ... Contact us: [email protected] www.itdunya.com LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH number numerical adjective ordinal number participle particle passive voice past past participle Appendices past perfect person personal sphere adverb A term used to distinguish between singular, which refers to one of something, and plural, which refers to more than one of something. A word which giv es estimated numbers rather than specific ones. A number used to place people or things in a serial order. (see also “cardinal number”) An adjective derived from a verb. A minor part of speech such as an article or a demonstrative adjective. A form of the verb used when the subject of the sentence is acted upon, instead of doing the action. A verb tense which refers to events that take place before the present, with reference to the writer or speaker. A form of the verb used either as an adjective or to form compound tenses. A verb tense which denotes a time before a reference point in the past, with reference to the writer or speaker. Reference to the person speaking, the person be...
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