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To go 2 the boy runs is running every

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Unformatted text preview: _____________ The progressive form of the present Complete each sentence with the correct simple present or progressive present form of the verb. 1. (I’m going; I go) _________________ to the store now. (to go) 2. The boy (runs; is running) _________________ every day. (to run) 3. (We bake; We’re baking) _________________ a cake today. (to bake) 4. (You’re changing; You change) _________________ money a lot. (to change) 5. (They’re leaving; They leave) _________________ the U.S. today. (to leave) 6. (He leaves; He’s leaving) _________________ the airport now. (to leave) 7. (I beg; I’m begging) _________________ your pardon? (to beg) 8. The teller _________________ (gives; is giving) me cash every time. (to give) 9. (She leaves; She’s leaving) _________________ the Baggage Claim now. (to leave) 10. (We’re going; We go) _________________ to the hotel often. (to go) 11. Usually _________________ (I’m changing; I change) traveler’s checks at the bank. (to change) 12. The flight _________________ (arrives; is arriving)...
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