The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

every day liesel read two chapters of the book one

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Unformatted text preview: esel, you’re such a good reader these days —even if it’s a mystery to all of us where that book came from.” “I told you, Papa. One of the nuns at school gave it to me.” Papa held his hands up in mock-protest. “I know, I know.” He sighed, from a height. “Just . . .” He chose his words gradually. “Don’t get caught.” This from a man who’d stolen a Jew. From that day on, Liesel read The Whistler aloud to Max as he occupied her bed. The one frustration was that she kept having to skip whole chapters on account of many of the pages being stuck together. It had not dried well. Still, she struggled on, to the point where she was nearly three-quarters of the way through it. The book was 396 pages. In the outside world, Liesel rushed from school each day in the hope that Max was feeling better. “Has he woken up? Has he eaten?” “Go back out,” Mama begged her. “You’re chewing a hole in my stomach with all this talking. Go on. Get out there and play soccer, for God’s sake.” “Yes, Mama.” She was about to open the door. “But you’ll come and get me if he wakes up, won’t you? Just make something up. Scream out like I’ve done something wrong. Start swearing at me. Everyone will believe it, don’t worry.” Even Rosa had to smile at that. She placed her knuckles on her hips and explained that Liesel wasn’t too old yet to avoid a Watschen for talking in such a way. “And score a goal,” she threatened, “or don’t come home at all.” “Sure, Mama.” “Make that two goals, Saumensch!” “Yes, Mama.” “And stop answering back!” Liesel considered, but she ran onto the street, to oppose Rudy on the mud-slippery road. “About time, ass scratcher.” He welcomed her in the customary way as they fought for the ball. “Where have you been?” Half an hour later, when the ball was squashed by the rare passage of a car on Himmel Street, Liesel had found her first present for Max Vandenburg. After judging it irreparable, all of the kids walked...
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