The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

2 taking on franz deutscher on munich street 3

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Unformatted text preview: everything.” “You can barely think of anything. . . .” They argued on as they walked through town. On the outskirts, they witnessed the first of the farms and the trees standing like emaciated statues. The branches were gray and when they looked up at them, there was nothing but ragged limbs and empty sky. Rudy spat. They walked back through Molching, making suggestions. “What about Frau Diller?” “What about her?” “Maybe if we say ‘heil Hitler’ and then steal something, we’ll be all right.” After roaming Munich Street for an hour or so, the daylight was drawing to a close and they were on the verge of giving up. “It’s pointless,” Rudy said, “and I’m even hungrier now than I’ve ever been. I’m starving, for Christ’s sake.” He walked another dozen steps before he stopped and looked back. “What’s with you?” because now Liesel was standing completely still, and a moment of realization was strapped to her face. Why hadn’t she thought of it before? “What is it?” Rudy was becoming impatient. “ Saumensch, what’s going on?” At that very moment, Liesel was presented with a decision. Could she truly carry out what she was thinking? Could she really seek revenge on a person like this? Could she despise someone this much? She began walking in the opposite direction. When Rudy caught up, she slowed a little in the vain hope of achieving a little more clarity. After all, the guilt was already there. It was moist. The seed was already bursting into a dark-leafed flower. She weighed up whether she could really go through with this. At a crossroad, she stopped. “I know a place.” They went over the river and made their way up the hill. On Grande Strasse, they took in the splendor of the houses. The front doors glowed with polish, and the roof tiles sat like toupees, combed to perfection. The walls and windows were manicured and the chimneys almost breathed out smoke rings. Rudy planted his feet. “The mayor’s house?” Liesel nodded, seriou...
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