The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

After an hour liesel also made an attempt on the

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Unformatted text preview: e track will suit number seven, do you?” “Of course.” The gambler grinned. Trust was already there. “He’ll come from behind and kill the whole lot of them!” He shouted it above the noise of the train. “If you insist.” The whistler smirked, and he wondered at length when they would find the inspector’s body in that brand-new BMW. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.” Hans couldn’t resist an incredulous tone. “A nun gave you that?” He stood up and made his way over, kissing her forehead. “Bye, Liesel, the Knoller awaits.” “Bye, Papa.” “Liesel!” She ignored it. “Come and eat something!” She answered now. “I’m coming, Mama.” She actually spoke those words to Max as she came closer and placed the finished book on the bedside table, with everything else. As she hovered above him, she couldn’t help herself. “Come on, Max,” she whispered, and even the sound of Mama’s arrival at her back did not stop her from silently crying. It didn’t stop her from pulling a lump of salt water from her eye and feeding it onto Max Vandenburg’s face. Mama took her. Her arms swallowed her. “I know,” she said. She knew. FRESH AIR, AN OLD NIGHTMARE, AND WHAT TO DO WITH A JEWISH CORPSE They were by the Amper River and Liesel had just told Rudy that she was interested in attaining another book from the mayor’s house. In place of The Whistler, she’d read The Standover Man several times at Max’s bedside. That was only a few minutes per reading. She’d also tried The Shoulder Shrug, even The Grave Digger’s Handbook,but none of it seemed quite right. I want something new, she thought. “Did you even read the last one?” “Of course I did.” Rudy threw a stone into the water. “Was it any good?” “Of course it was.” “Of course I did, of course it was.” He tried to dig another rock out of the ground but cut his finger. “That’ll teach you.” “Saumensch.” When a person’s last response was Saumensch or Saukerl or Arschloch, you knew you had them beaten. In terms of ste...
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