The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

But it was not the usual wink it was heavier clumsier

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Unformatted text preview: voice, but now it gained momentum. “Please,” Barbara Steiner begged them. “Not my boy.” “Can we light a candle, Rudy?” It was something their father had often done with them. He would turn out the light and they’d watch the dominoes fall in the candlelight. It somehow made the event grander, a greater spectacle. His legs were aching anyway. “Let me find a match.” The light switch was at the door. Quietly, he walked toward it with the matchbox in one hand, the candle in the other. From the other side, the three men and one woman climbed to the hinges. “The best scores in the class,” said one of the monsters. Such depth and dryness. “Not to mention his athletic ability.” Damn it, why did he have to win all those races at the carnival? Deutscher. Damn that Franz Deutscher! But then he understood. This was not Franz Deutscher’s fault, but his own. He’d wanted to show his past tormentor what he was capable of, but he also wanted to prove himself to everyone. Now everyone was in the kitchen. He lit the candle and switched off the light. “Ready?” “But I’ve heard what happens there.” That was the unmistakable, oaky voice of his father. “Come on, Rudy, hurry up.” “Yes, but understand, Herr Steiner, this is all for a greater purpose. Think of the opportunities your son can have. This is really a privilege.” “Rudy, the candle’s dripping.” He waved them away, waiting again for Alex Steiner. He came. “Privileges? Like running barefoot through the snow? Like jumping from ten-meter platforms into three feet of water?” Rudy’s ear was pressed to the door now. Candle wax melted onto his hand. “Rumors.” The arid voice, low and matter-of-fact, had an answer for everything. “Our school is one of the finest ever established. It’s better than world-class. We’re creating an elite group of German citizens in the name of the Führer. . . .” Rudy could listen no longer. He scraped the candle wax from his hand and drew back...
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