The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

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Unformatted text preview: r way to Dachau. Silver eyes were pelted then. A cart was turned over and paint flowed onto the street. They called him a Jew lover. Others were silent, helping him back to safety. Hans Hubermann leaned forward, arms outstretched against a house wall. He was suddenly overwhelmed by what had just happened. There was an image, fast and hot. 33 Himmel Street—its basement. Thoughts of panic were caught between the in-and-out struggle of his breath. They’ll come now. They’ll come. Oh, Christ, oh, crucified Christ. He looked at the girl and closed his eyes. “Are you hurt, Papa?” She received questions rather than an answer. “What was I thinking?” His eyes closed tighter and opened again. His overalls creased. There was paint and blood on his hands. And bread crumbs. How different from the bread of summer. “Oh my God, Liesel, what have I done?” Yes. I must agree. What had Papa done? PEACE At just after 11 p.m. that same night, Max Vandenburg walked up Himmel Street with a suitcase full of food and warm clothes. German air was in his lungs. The yellow stars were on fire. When he made it to Frau Diller’s, he looked back one last time to number thirty-three. He could not see the figure in the kitchen window, but she could see him. She waved and he did not wave back. Liesel could still feel his mouth on her forehead. She could smell his breath of goodbye. “I have left something for you,” he’d said, “but you will not get it until you’re ready.” He left. “Max?” But he did not come back. He had walked from her room and silently shut the door. The hallway murmured. He was gone. When she made it to the kitchen, Mama and Papa stood with crooked bodies and preserved faces. They’d been standing like that for thirty seconds of forever. DUDEN DICTIONARY MEANING #7 Schweigen —Silence: The absence of sound or noise. Related words: quiet, calmness, peace. How perfect. Peace. Somewhere near Munich, a German Jew was making his way through the darkness. An arrangement had been made to mee...
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