The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Different sentences fought for attention until one

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Unformatted text preview: “It is, sir.” “So what are you waiting for?” On Himmel Street, Liesel was playing soccer when the noise arrived. Two boys were fighting for the ball in the midfield when everything stopped. Even Tommy Müller could hear it. “What is that?” he asked from his position in goal. Everyone turned toward the sound of shuffling feet and regimented voices as they made their way closer. “Is that a herd of cows?” Rudy asked. “It can’t be. It never sounds quite like that, does it?” Slowly at first, the street of children walked toward the magnetic sound, up toward Frau Diller’s. Once in a while there was added emphasis in the shouting. In a tall apartment just around the corner on Munich Street, an old lady with a foreboding voice deciphered for everyone the exact source of the commotion. Up high, in the window, her face appeared like a white flag with moist eyes and an open mouth. Her voice was like suicide, landing with a clunk at Liesel’s feet. She had gray hair. The eyes were dark, dark blue. “Die Juden,” she said. “The Jews.” DUDEN DICTIONARY MEANING #6 Elend —Misery: Great suffering, unhappiness, and distress. Related words: anguish, torment, despair, wretchedness, desolation. More people appeared on the street, where a collection of Jews and other criminals had already been shoved past. Perhaps the death camps were kept secret, but at times, people were shown the glory of a labor camp like Dachau. Far up, on the other side, Liesel spotted the man with his paint cart. He was running his hand uncomfortably through his hair. “Up there,” she pointed out to Rudy. “My papa.” They both crossed and made their way up, and Hans Hubermann attempted at first to take them away. “Liesel,” he said. “Maybe . . .” He realized, however, that the girl was determined to stay, and perhaps it was something she should see. In the breezy autumn air, he stood with her. He did not speak. On Munich Street, they watched. Others moved in around and in front of them. They...
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