The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

First the bobbing head of a soldier and the gun

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Unformatted text preview: had been growing nicely. The news of Hans Hubermann’s return was all he needed to take it a few steps further. He did not tell Liesel about it. There was no complaining that it wasn’t fair. His decision was to act. He carried a metal case up Himmel Street at the typical thieving time of darkening afternoon. RUDY’S TOOLBOX It was patchy red and the length of an oversized shoe box. It contained the following: Rusty pocketknife × 1 Small flashlight × 1 Hammer × 2 (one medium, one small) Hand towel × 1 Screwdriver × 3 (varying in size) Ski mask × 1 Clean socks × 1 Teddy bear × 1 Liesel saw him from the kitchen window—his purposeful steps and committed face, exactly like the day he’d gone to find his father. He gripped the handle with as much force as he could, and his movements were stiff with rage. The book thief dropped the towel she was holding and replaced it with a single thought. He’s going stealing. She ran out to meet him. There was not even the semblance of a hello. Rudy simply continued walking and spoke through the cold air in front of him. Close to Tommy Müller’s apartment block, he said, “You know something, Liesel, I was thinking. You’re not a thief at all,” and he didn’t give her a chance to reply. “That woman lets you in. She even leaves you cookies, for Christ’s sake. I don’t call that stealing. Stealing is what the army does. Taking your father, and mine.” He kicked a stone and it clanged against a gate. He walked faster. “All those rich Nazis up there, on Grande Strasse, Gelb Strasse, Heide Strasse.” Liesel could concentrate on nothing but keeping up. They’d already passed Frau Diller’s and were well onto Munich Street. “Rudy—” “How does it feel, anyway?” “How does what feel?” “When you take one of those books?” At that moment, she chose to keep still. If he wanted an answer, he’d have to come back, and he did. “Well?” But again, it was Rudy who answered, before Liesel could even open her mouth. “It feels good, doesn’t it? To steal something back.” Liesel forced her atten...
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