The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

For a long time liesel sat at the kitchen table and

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Unformatted text preview: gh the streets. As Hans finished stabilizing a building, he turned to find him at his back, waiting calmly for his turn. A blood-stain was signed across his face. It trailed off down his throat and neck. He was wearing a white shirt with a dark red collar and he held his leg as if it was next to him. “Could you prop me up now, young man?” Hans picked him up and carried him out of the haze. A SMALL, SAD NOTE I visited that small city street with the man still in Hans Hubermann’s arms. The sky was white-horse gray. It wasn’t until he placed him down on a patch of concrete-coated grass that Hans noticed. “What is it?” one of the other men asked. Hans could only point. “Oh.” A hand pulled him away. “Get used to it, Hubermann.” For the rest of the shift, he threw himself into duty. He tried to ignore the distant echoes of calling people. After perhaps two hours, he rushed from a building with the sergeant and two other men. He didn’t watch the ground and tripped. Only when he returned to his haunches and saw the others looking in distress at the obstacle did he realize. The corpse was facedown. It lay in a blanket of powder and dust, and it was holding its ears. It was a boy. Perhaps eleven or twelve years old. Not far away, as they progressed along the street, they found a woman calling the name Rudolf. She was drawn to the four men and met them in the mist. Her body was frail and bent with worry. “Have you seen my boy?” “How old is he?” the sergeant asked. “Twelve.” Oh, Christ. Oh, crucified Christ. They all thought it, but the sergeant could not bring himself to tell her or point the way. As the woman tried to push past, Boris Schipper held her back. “We’ve just come from that street,” he assured her. “You won’t find him down there.” The bent woman still clung to hope. She called over her shoulder as she half walked, half ran. “Rudy!” Hans Hubermann thought of another Rudy then. The Himmel Street variety. Please, he asked into a sky...
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