The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

He brought him to the ground for a second time

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Unformatted text preview: ss, shrugged off her feelings of nostalgia. She crept forward and allowed her eyes to adjust. “What’s going on?” Rudy whispered sharply from outside, but she waved him a backhander that meant Halt’s Maul. Keep quiet. “The food,” he reminded her. “Find the food. And cigarettes, if you can.” Both items, however, were the last things on her mind. She was home, among the mayor’s books of every color and description, with their silver and gold lettering. She could smell the pages. She could almost taste the words as they stacked up around her. Her feet took her to the right-hand wall. She knew the one she wanted—the exact position—but when she made it to The Whistler’s usual place on the shelf, it was not there. A slight gap was in its place. From above, she heard footsteps. “The light!” Rudy whispered. The words were shoved through the open window. “It’s out!” “Scheisse.” “They’re coming downstairs.” There was a giant length of a moment then, the eternity of split-second decision. Her eyes scanned the room and she could see The Whistler, sitting patiently on the mayor’s desk. “Hurry up,” Rudy warned her. But very calmly and cleanly, Liesel walked over, picked up the book, and made her way cautiously out. Headfirst, she climbed from the window, managing to land on her feet again, feeling the pang of pain once more, this time in her ankles. “Come on,” Rudy implored her. “Run, run. Schnell!” Once around the corner, on the road back down to the river and Munich Street, she stopped to bend over and recover. Her body was folded in the middle, the air half frozen in her mouth, her heart tolling in her ears. Rudy was the same. When he looked over, he saw the book under her arm. He struggled to speak. “What’s”—he grappled with the words—“with the book?” The darkness was filling up truly now. Liesel panted, the air in her throat defrosting. “It was all I could find.” Unfortunately, Rudy could smell it. The lie. He cocked his head and told her what he fe...
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