The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

He walked obliviously on and liesel would often catch

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Unformatted text preview: hear the rest of it in the shelter, but it looks like we’re safe for now.” She rolled her shoulders and straightened the wire in her back. “So I want you to come to my place and read it to me.” “You’ve got some nerve, Holtzapfel.” Rosa was deciding whether to be furious or not. “If you think—” “I’ll stop spitting on your door,” she interrupted. “And I’ll give you my coffee ration.” Rosa decided against being furious. “And some flour?” “What, are you a Jew? Just the coffee. You can swap the coffee with someone else for the flour.” It was decided. By everyone but the girl. “Good, then, it’s done.” “Mama?” “Quiet, Saumensch. Go and get the book.” Mama faced Frau Holtzapfel again. “What days suit you?” “Monday and Friday, four o’clock. And today, right now.” Liesel followed the regimented footsteps to Frau Holtzapfel’s lodging next door, which was a mirror image of the Hubermanns’. If anything, it was slightly larger. When she sat down at the kitchen table, Frau Holtzapfel sat directly in front of her but faced the window. “Read,” she said. “Chapter two?” “No, chapter eight. Of course chapter two! Now get reading before I throw you out.” “Yes, Frau Holtzapfel.” “Never mind the ‘yes, Frau Holtzapfels.’ Just open the book. We don’t have all day.” Good God, Liesel thought. This is my punishment for all that stealing. It’s finally caught up with me. She read for forty-five minutes, and when the chapter was finished, a bag of coffee was deposited on the table. “Thank you,” the woman said. “It’s a good story.” She turned toward the stove and started on some potatoes. Without looking back, she said, “Are you still here, are you?” Liesel took that as her cue to leave. “Danke schön, Frau Holtzapfel.” By the door, when she saw the framed photos of two young men in military uniform, she also threw in a “heil Hitler,” her arm raised in the kitchen. “Yes.” Frau Hol...
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