The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

He was relocated once more to another small storage

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Unformatted text preview: said. “Don’t get caught on the fence. You get caught on the fence, you get left behind. Understood?” Everyone nodded or said yes. “Two. One in the tree, one below. Someone has to collect.” He rubbed his hands together. He was enjoying this. “Three. If you see someone coming, you call out loud enough to wake the dead —and we all run. Richtig? ” “Richtig.” It was a chorus. TWO DEBUTANTAPPLE THIEVES, WHISPERING “Liesel—are you sure? Do you still want to do this?” “Look at the barbed wire, Rudy. It’s so high.” “No, no, look, you throw the sack on. See? Like them.” “All right.” “Come on then!” “I can’t!” Hesitation. “Rudy, I—” “Move it, Saumensch!” He pushed her toward the fence, threw the empty sack on the wire, and they climbed over, running toward the others. Rudy made his way up the closest tree and started flinging down the apples. Liesel stood below, putting them into the sack. By the time it was full, there was another problem. “How do we get back over the fence?” The answer came when they noticed Arthur Berg climbing as close to a fence post as possible. “The wire’s stronger there.” Rudy pointed. He threw the sack over, made Liesel go first, then landed beside her on the other side, among the fruit that spilled from the bag. Next to them, the long legs of Arthur Berg stood watching in amusement. “Not bad,” landed the voice from above. “Not bad at all.” When they made it back to the river, hidden among the trees, he took the sack and gave Liesel and Rudy a dozen apples between them. “Good work,” was his final comment on the matter. That afternoon, before they returned home, Liesel and Rudy consumed six apples apiece within half an hour. At first, they entertained thoughts of sharing the fruit at their respective homes, but there was considerable danger in that. They didn’t particularly relish the opportunity of explaining just where the fruit had come from. Liesel even thought tha...
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