The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

He was the type of person who worked quietly away for

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Unformatted text preview: bermann finally submitted. He made some inquiries and applied to join the Party. After lodging his form at the Nazi headquarters on Munich Street, he witnessed four men throw several bricks into a clothing store named Kleinmann’s. It was one of the few Jewish shops that were still in operation in Molching. Inside, a small man was stuttering about, crushing the broken glass beneath his feet as he cleaned up. A star the color of mustard was smeared to the door. In sloppy lettering, the words JEWISH FILTH were spilling over at their edges. The movement inside tapered from hurried to morose, then stopped altogether. Hans moved closer and stuck his head inside. “Do you need some help?” Mr. Kleinmann looked up. A dust broom was fixed powerlessly to his hand. “No, Hans. Please. Go away.” Hans had painted Joel Kleinmann’s house the previous year. He remembered his three children. He could see their faces but couldnt recall their names. “I will come tomorrow,” he said, “and repaint your door.” Which he did. It was the second of two mistakes. The first occurred immediately after the incident. He returned to where he’d come from and drove his fist onto the door and then the window of the NSDAP. The glass shuddered but no one replied. Everyone had packed up and gone home. A last member was walking in the opposite direction. When he heard the rattle of the glass, he noticed the painter. He came back and asked what was wrong. “I can no longer join,” Hans stated. The man was shocked. “Why not?” Hans looked at the knuckles of his right hand and swallowed. He could already taste the error, like a metal tablet in his mouth. “Forget it.” He turned and walked home. Words followed him. “You just think about it, Herr Hubermann. Let us know what you decide.” He did not acknowledge them. The following morning, as promised, he rose earlier than usual, but not early enough. The door at Kleinmann’s Clothing was still moist with dew. Hans dried it. He managed to match the colo...
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