The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Hed seen a mother walking with her child at one point

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Unformatted text preview: n on her body. There was also an acknowledgment that there was great beauty in what she was currently witnessing, and she chose not to disturb it. She returned to bed and fell asleep to the vision of Mama and the silent music. Later, when she woke up from her usual dream and crept again to the hallway, Rosa was still there, as was the accordion. Like an anchor, it pulled her forward. Her body was sinking. She appeared dead. She can’t possibly be breathing in that position, Liesel thought, but when she made her way closer, she could hear it. Mama was snoring again. Who needs bellows, she thought, when you’ve got a pair of lungs like that? Eventually, when Liesel returned to bed, the image of Rosa Hubermann and the accordion would not leave her. The book thief ’s eyes remained open. She waited for the suffocation of sleep. THE COLLECTOR Neither Hans Hubermann nor Alex Steiner was sent to fight. Alex was sent to Austria, to an army hospital outside Vienna. Given his expertise in tailoring, he was given a job that at least resembled his profession. Cartloads of uniforms and socks and shirts would come in every week and he would mend what needed mending, even if they could only be used as underclothes for the suffering soldiers in Russia. Hans was sent first, quite ironically, to Stuttgart, and later, to Essen. He was given one of the most undesirable positions on the home front. The LSE. A NECESSARY EXPLANATION LSE Luftwa fe Sondereinheit— Air Raid Special Unit The job of the LSE was to remain aboveground during air raids and put out fires, prop up the walls of buildings, and rescue anyone who had been trapped during the raid. As Hans soon discovered, there was also an alternative definition for the acronym. The men in the unit would explain to him on his first day that it really stood for Leichensammler Einheit—Dead Body Collectors. When he arrived, Hans could only guess what those men had done to deserve such a task, and in turn, they wondered the same of him. Their leader, Sergeant Bori...
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