The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

His eyes staggered and it was so simple the words

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Unformatted text preview: s and the head inside tilted from left to right. He said something they obviously could not understand. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” Rudy whispered. “He’s alive.” The toolbox bumped the side of the plane and brought with it the sound of more human voices and feet. The glow of fire was gone and the morning was still and black. Only the smoke was in its way, but it, too, would soon be exhausted. The wall of trees kept the color of a burning Munich at bay. By now, the boy’s eyes had adjusted not only to the darkness, but to the face of the pilot. The eyes were like coffee stains, and gashes were ruled across his cheeks and chin. A ruffled uniform sat, unruly, across his chest. Despite Rudy’s advice, Liesel came even closer, and I can promise you that we recognized each other at that exact moment. I know you, I thought. There was a train and a coughing boy. There was snow and a distraught girl. You’ve grown, I thought, but I recognize you. She did not back away or try to fight me, but I know that something told the girl I was there. Could she smell my breath? Could she hear my cursed circular heartbeat, revolving like the crime it is in my deathly chest? I don’t know, but she knew me and she looked me in my face and she did not look away. As the sky began to charcoal toward light, we both moved on. We both observed the boy as he reached into his toolbox again and searched through some picture frames to pull out a small, stuffed yellow toy. Carefully, he climbed to the dying man. He placed the smiling teddy bear cautiously onto the pilot’s shoulder. The tip of its ear touched his throat. The dying man breathed it in. He spoke. In English, he said, “Thank you.” His straight-line cuts opened as he spoke, and a small drop of blood rolled crookedly down his throat. “What?” Rudy asked him. “Was hast du gesagt? What did you say?” Unfortunately, I beat him to the answer. The time was there and I was reaching into the cockpit. I slowly extracted the pilot’s soul from his...
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