The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Hot snowflakes would shower to the ground in short

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Unformatted text preview: off me!” He said it three times, fast. He was staring into Reinhold Zucker’s blinkless eyes. THE DAMAGE, ESSEN Six men burned by cigarettes. Two broken hands. Several broken fingers. A broken leg for Hans Hubermann. A broken neck for Reinhold Zucker, snapped almost in line with his earlobes. They dragged each other out until only the corpse was left in the truck. The driver, Helmut Brohmann, was sitting on the ground, scratching his head. “The tire,” he explained, “it just blew.” Some of the men sat with him and echoed that it wasn’t his fault. Others walked around smoking, asking each other if they thought their injuries were bad enough to be relieved of duty. Another small group gathered at the back of the truck and viewed the body. Over by a tree, a thin strip of intense pain was still opening in Hans Hubermann’s leg. “It should have been me,” he said. “What?” the sergeant called over from the truck. “He was sitting in my seat.” Helmut Brohmann regained his senses and climbed back into the driver’s compartment. Sideways, he tried to start the engine, but there was no kicking it over. Another truck was sent for, as was an ambulance. The ambulance didn’t come. “You know what that means, don’t you?” said Boris Schipper. They did. When they resumed the trip back to camp, each man tried not to look down at Reinhold Zucker’s openmouthed sneer. “I told you we should have turned him facedown,” someone mentioned. A few times, some of them simply forgot and rested their feet on the body. Once they arrived, they all tried to avoid the task of pulling him out. When the job was done, Hans Hubermann took a few abbreviated steps before the pain fractured in his leg and brought him down. An hour later, when the doctor examined him, he was told it was definitely broken. The sergeant was on hand and stood with half a grin. “Well, Hubermann. Looks like you’ve got away with it, doesn’t it?” He was shaking his round face, smoking, and he provided a list of wh...
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