The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The Book Thief Markus Zusak

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Unformatted text preview: u.” He crouched down and began rolling up his trousers. Liesel was alarmed, to put it mildly. “What do you want to kiss me for? I’m filthy.” “So am I.” Rudy clearly saw no reason why a bit of filth should get in the way of things. It had been a while between baths for both of them. She thought about it while examining the weedy legs of her opposition. They were about equal with her own. There’s no way he can beat me, she thought. She nodded seriously. This was business. “You can kiss me if you win. But if I win, I get out of being goalie at soccer.” Rudy considered it. “Fair enough,” and they shook on it. All was dark-skied and hazy, and small chips of rain were starting to fall. The track was muddier than it looked. Both competitors were set. Rudy threw a rock in the air as the starting pistol. When it hit the ground, they could start running. “I can’t even see the finish line,” Liesel complained. “And I can?” The rock wedged itself into the earth. They ran next to each other, elbowing and trying to get in front. The slippery ground slurped at their feet and brought them down perhaps twenty meters from the end. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!” yelped Rudy. “I’m covered in shit!” “It’s not shit,” Liesel corrected him, “it’s mud,” although she had her doubts. They’d slid another five meters toward the finish. “Do we call it a draw, then?” Rudy looked over, all sharp teeth and gangly blue eyes. Half his face was painted with mud. “If it’s a draw, do I still get my kiss?” “Not in a million years.” Liesel stood up and flicked some mud off her jacket. “I’ll get you out of goalie.” “Stick your goalie.” As they walked back to Himmel Street, Rudy forewarned her. “One day, Liesel,” he said, “you’ll be dying to kiss me.” But Liesel knew. She vowed. As long as both she and Rudy Steiner lived, she would never kiss that miserable, filthy Saukerl, especially not this day. There were more important matters to attend to. She looked down at her suit of mud and s...
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