The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

In the living room rosa was snoring with enthusiasm

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Unformatted text preview: Frau Steiner?” they asked when the door was opened. “Yes, that’s right.” “We’ve come to talk to you about something.” The coat men stood like jacketed columns on the threshold of the Steiners’ shoe-box house. For some reason, they’d come for the boy. The coat men wanted Rudy. PART EIGHT the wordshaker featuring: dominoes and darkness—the thought of rudy naked—punishment—a promise keeper’s wife—a collector—the bread eaters— a candle in the trees—a hidden sketchbook— and the anarchist’s suit collection DOMINOES AND DARKNESS In the words of Rudy’s youngest sisters, there were two monsters sitting in the kitchen. Their voices kneaded methodically at the door as three of the Steiner children played dominoes on the other side. The remaining three listened to the radio in the bedroom, oblivious. Rudy hoped this had nothing to do with what had happened at school the previous week. It was something he had refused to tell Liesel and did not talk about at home. A GRAY AFTERNOON, A SMALL SCHOOL OFFICE Three boys stood in a line. Their records and bodies were thoroughly examined. When the fourth game of dominoes was completed, Rudy began to stand them up in lines, creating patterns that wound their way across the living room floor. As was his habit, he also left a few gaps, in case the rogue finger of a sibling interfered, which it usually did. “Can I knock them down, Rudy?” “No.” “What about me?” “No. We all will.” He made three separate formations that led to the same tower of dominoes in the middle. Together, they would watch everything that was so carefully planned collapse, and they would all smile at the beauty of destruction. The kitchen voices were becoming louder now, each heaping itself upon the other to be heard. Different sentences fought for attention until one person, previously silent, came between them. “No,” she said. It was repeated. “No.” Even when the rest of them resumed their arguments, they were silenced again by the same...
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