The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

It didnt take long rudy and tommy were given another

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Unformatted text preview: . It was the book she wanted. The Whistler. She wouldn’t tolerate having it given to her by a lonely, pathetic old woman. Stealing it, on the other hand, seemed a little more acceptable. Stealing it, in a sick kind of sense, was like earning it. The light was changing in blocks of shade. The pair of them gravitated toward the immaculate, bulky house. They rustled their thoughts. “You hungry?” Rudy asked. Liesel replied. “Starving.” For a book. “Look—a light just came on upstairs.” “I see it.” “Still hungry, Saumensch?” They laughed nervously for a moment before going through the motions of who should go in and who should stand watch. As the male in the operation, Rudy clearly felt that he should be the aggressor, but it was obvious that Liesel knew this place. It was she who was going in. She knew what was on the other side of the window. She said it. “It has to be me.” Liesel closed her eyes. Tightly. She compelled herself to remember, to see visions of the mayor and his wife. She watched her gathered friendship with Ilsa Hermann and made sure to see it kicked in the shins and left by the wayside. It worked. She detested them. They scouted the street and crossed the yard silently. Now they were crouched beneath the slit in the window on the ground floor. The sound of their breathing amplified. “Here,” Rudy said, “give me your shoes. You’ll be quieter.” Without complaint, Liesel undid the worn black laces and left the shoes on the ground. She rose up and Rudy gently opened the window just wide enough for Liesel to climb through. The noise of it passed overhead, like a low-flying plane. Liesel heaved herself onto the ledge and tussled her way inside. Taking off her shoes, she realized, was a brilliant idea, as she landed much heavier on the wooden floor than she’d anticipated. The soles of her feet expanded in that painful way, rising to the inside edges of her socks. The room itself was as it always was. Liesel, in the dusty dimne...
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