The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

It was the book she wanted the whistler she wouldnt

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Unformatted text preview: on, when the spoils were handed out, Liesel and Rudy were given one diminutive apple between them. In fairness, the takings were incredibly poor, but Viktor Chemmel also ran a tighter ship. “What do you call this?” Rudy asked, the apple resting in his palm. Viktor didn’t even turn around. “What does it look like?” The words were dropped over his shoulder. “One lousy apple?” “Here.” A half-eaten one was also tossed their way, landing chewed-side-down in the dirt. “You can have that one, too.” Rudy was incensed. “To hell with this. We didn’t walk ten miles for one and a half scrawny apples, did we, Liesel?” Liesel did not answer. She did not have time, for Viktor Chemmel was on top of Rudy before she could utter a word. His knees had pinned Rudy’s arms and his hands were around his throat. The apples were scooped up by none other than Andy Schmeikl, at Viktor’s request. “You’re hurting him,” Liesel said. “Am I?” Viktor was smiling again. She hated that smile. “He’s not hurting me.” Rudy’s words were rushed together and his face was red with strain. His nose began to bleed. After an extended moment or two of increased pressure, Viktor let Rudy go and climbed off him, taking a few careless steps. He said, “Get up, boy,” and Rudy, choosing wisely, did as he was told. Viktor came casually closer again and faced him. He gave him a gentle rub on the arm. A whisper. “Unless you want me to turn that blood into a fountain, I suggest you go away, little boy.” He looked at Liesel. “And take the little slut with you.” No one moved. “Well, what are you waiting for?” Liesel took Rudy’s hand and they left, but not before Rudy turned one last time and spat some blood and saliva at Viktor Chemmel’s feet. It evoked one final remark. A SMALL THREAT FROM VIKTOR CHEMMEL TO RUDY STEINER “You’ll pay for that at a later date, my friend.” Say what you will about Viktor Chemmel, but he certainly had patience and a good memory. It took him approximately fi...
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