The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

It was the one time in his life that his idiotic

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Unformatted text preview: o point asking if I get a kiss for that, I guess?” “For bringing my shoes, which you left behind?” “Fair enough.” He held up his hands and continued speaking as they walked on, and Liesel made a concerted effort to ignore him. She only heard the last part. “Probably wouldn’t want to kiss you anyway—not if your breath’s anything like your shoes.” “You disgust me,” she informed him, and she hoped he couldn’t see the escaped beginnings of a smile that had fallen from her mouth. On Himmel Street, Rudy captured the book. Under a lamppost, he read out the title and wondered what it was about. Dreamily, Liesel answered. “Just a murderer.” “Is that all?” “There’s also a policeman trying to catch him.” Rudy handed it back. “Speaking of which, I think we’re both slightly in for it when we get home. You especially.” “Why me?” “You know—your mama.” “What about her?” Liesel was exercising the blatant right of every person who’s ever belonged to a family. It’s all very well for such a person to whine and moan and criticize other family members, but they won’t let anyone else do it. That’s when you get your back up and show loyalty. “Is there something wrong with her?” Rudy backed away. “Sorry, Saumensch. I didn’t mean to offend you.” Even in the night, Liesel could see that Rudy was growing. His face was lengthening. The blond shock of hair was darkening ever so slightly and his features seemed to be changing shape. But there was one thing that would never change. It was impossible to be angry at him for long. “Anything good to eat at your place tonight?” he asked. “I doubt it.” “Me neither. It’s a shame you can’t eat books. Arthur Berg said something like that once. Remember?” They recounted the good old days for the remainder of the walk, Liesel often glancing down at The Whistler, at the gray cover and the black imprinted title. Before they went into their respective homes, Rudy stopped a mome...
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