The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

Look how much youve grown there was an intense

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Unformatted text preview: was clear. The sirens had been held off for many hours, just in case there was another threat and to allow the smoke to make its way into the atmosphere. It was Bettina Steiner who noticed the small fire and the sliver of smoke farther down, close to the Amper River. It trailed into the sky and the girl held up her finger. “Look.” The girl might have seen it first, but it was Rudy who reacted. In his haste, he did not relinquish his grip on the toolbox as he sprinted to the bottom of Himmel Street, took a few side roads, and entered the trees. Liesel was next (having surrendered her books to a heavily protesting Rosa), and then a smattering of people from several shelters along the way. “Rudy, wait!” Rudy did not wait. Liesel could only see the toolbox in certain gaps in the trees as he made his way through to the dying glow and the misty plane. It sat smoking in the clearing by the river. The pilot had tried to land there. Within twenty meters, Rudy stopped. Just as I arrived myself, I noticed him standing there, recovering his breath. The limbs of trees were scattered in the dark. There were twigs and needles littered around the plane like fire fuel. To their left, three gashes were burned into the earth. The runaway ticktock of cooling metal sped up the minutes and seconds till they were standing there for what felt like hours. The growing crowd was assembling behind them, their breath and sentences sticking to Liesel’s back. “Well,” said Rudy, “should we take a look?” He stepped through the remainder of trees to where the body of the plane was fixed to the ground. Its nose was in the running water and the wings were left crookedly behind. Rudy circled slowly, from the tail and around to the right. “There’s glass,” he said. “The windshield is everywhere.” Then he saw the body. Rudy Steiner had never seen a face so pale. “Don’t come, Liesel.” But Liesel came. She could see the barely conscious face of the enemy pilot as the tall trees watched and the river ran. The plane let out a few more cough...
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