The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

She felt awful for having looked at it the previous

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Unformatted text preview: ? Goddamn it, it’s on the tip of my tongue. It was that American, wasn’t it? Carpenter or something . . .” “Please!”—Rudy. The water toppled. Viktor Chemmel did the spin. The book was released gloriously from his hand. It opened and flapped, the pages rattling as it covered ground in the air. More abruptly than expected, it stopped and appeared to be sucked toward the water. It clapped when it hit the surface and began to float downstream. Viktor shook his head. “Not enough height. A poor throw.” He smiled again. “But still good enough to win, huh?” Liesel and Rudy didn’t stick around to hear the laughter. Rudy in particular had taken off down the riverbank, attempting to locate the book. “Can you see it?” Liesel called out. Rudy ran. He continued down the water’s edge, showing her the book’s location. “Over there!” He stopped and pointed and ran farther down to overtake it. Soon, he peeled off his coat and jumped in, wading to the middle of the river. Liesel, slowing to a walk, could see the ache of each step. The painful cold. When she was close enough, she saw it move past him, but he soon caught up. His hand reached in and collared what was now a soggy block of cardboard and paper. “The Whistler!” the boy called out. It was the only book floating down the Amper River that day, but he still felt the need to announce it. Another note of interest is that Rudy did not attempt to leave the devastatingly cold water as soon as he held the book in his hand. For a good minute or so, he stayed. He never did explain it to Liesel, but I think she knew very well that the reasons were twofold. THE FROZEN MOTIVES OF RUDY STEINER 1. After months of failure, this moment was his only chance to revel in some victory. 2. Such a position of selflessness was a good place to ask Liesel for the usual favor. How could she possibly turn him down? “How about a kiss, Saumensch?” He stood waist-deep in the water for a few moments longer before climbing out and handing her the...
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