The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

She imagined the vision of it passing from her hand

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Unformatted text preview: Once they were full, she brought them in and carried them down to the basement. All things being fair, she first threw a snowball at Max and collected a reply in the stomach. Max even threw one at Hans Hubermann as he made his way down the basement steps. “Arschloch!” Papa yelped. “Liesel, give me some of that snow. A whole bucket!” For a few minutes, they all forgot. There was no more yelling or calling out, but they could not contain the small snatches of laughter. They were only humans, playing in the snow, in a house. Papa looked at the snow-filled pots. “What do we do with the rest of it?” “A snowman,” Liesel replied. “We have to make a snowman.” Papa called out to Rosa. The usual distant voice was hurled back. “What is it now, Saukerl?” “Come down here, will you!” When his wife appeared, Hans Hubermann risked his life by throwing a most excellent snowball at her. Just missing, it disintegrated when it hit the wall, and Mama had an excuse to swear for a long time without taking a breath. Once she recovered, she came down and helped them. She even brought the buttons for the eyes and nose and some string for a snowman smile. Even a scarf and hat were provided for what was really only a twofoot man of snow. “A midget,” Max had said. “What do we do when it melts?” Liesel asked. Rosa had the answer. “You mop it up, Saumensch, in a hurry.” Papa disagreed. “It won’t melt.” He rubbed his hands and blew into them. “It’s freezing down here.” Melt it did, though, but somewhere in each of them, that snowman was still upright. It must have been the last thing they saw that Christmas Eve when they finally fell asleep. There was an accordion in their ears, a snowman in their eyes, and for Liesel, there was the thought of Max’s last words before she left him by the fire. CHRISTMAS GREETINGS FROM MAX VANDENBURG “Often I wish this would all be over, Liesel, but then somehow you do something like walk down the basement steps with a snowman in your hands.” Unfortun...
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