The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

So many people chased after me in that time calling

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Unformatted text preview: tion to the toolbox, trying to slow him down. “What have you got in there?” He bent over and opened it up. Everything appeared to make sense but the teddy bear. As they kept walking, Rudy explained the toolbox at length, and what he would do with each item. For example, the hammers were for smashing windows and the towel was to wrap them up, to quell the sound. “And the teddy bear?” It belonged to Anna-Marie Steiner and was no bigger than one of Liesel’s books. The fur was shaggy and worn. The eyes and ears had been sewn back on repeatedly, but it was friendly looking nonetheless. “That,” answered Rudy, “is the one masterstroke. That’s if a kid walks in while I’m inside. I’ll give it to them to calm them down.” “And what do you plan to steal?” He shrugged. “Money, food, jewelry. Whatever I can get my hands on.” It sounded simple enough. It wasn’t until fifteen minutes later, when Liesel watched the sudden silence on his face, that she realized Rudy Steiner wasn’t stealing anything. The commitment had disappeared, and although he still watched the imagined glory of stealing, she could see that now he was not believing it. He was trying to believe it, and that’s never a good sign. His criminal greatness was unfurling before his eyes, and as the footsteps slowed and they watched the houses, Liesel’s relief was pure and sad inside her. It was Gelb Strasse. On the whole, the houses sat dark and huge. Rudy took off his shoes and held them with his left hand. He held the toolkit with his right. Between the clouds, there was a moon. Perhaps a mile of light. “What am I waiting for?” he asked, but Liesel didn’t reply. Again, Rudy opened his mouth, but without any words. He placed the toolbox on the ground and sat on it. His socks grew cold and wet. “Lucky there’s another pair in the toolbox,” Liesel suggested, and she could see him trying not to laugh, despite himself. Rudy moved across and faced the other way, and there was room for...
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