The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The most she could accomplish was to place her

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Unformatted text preview: for laughter and bread with only the scent of jam spread out on top of it. It was the best time of her life. But it was bombing carpet. Make no mistake. Bold and bright, a trilogy of happiness would continue for summer’s duration and into autumn. It would then be brought abruptly to an end, for the brightness had shown suffering the way. Hard times were coming. Like a parade. DUDEN DICTIONARY MEANING #1 Zufriedenheit—Happiness: Coming from happy—enjoying pleasure and contentment. Related words: joy, gladness, feeling fortunate or prosperous. THE TRILOGY While Liesel worked, Rudy ran. He did laps of Hubert Oval, ran around the block, and raced almost everyone from the bottom of Himmel Street to Frau Diller’s, giving varied head starts. On a few occasions, when Liesel was helping Mama in the kitchen, Rosa would look out the window and say, “What’s that little Saukerl up to this time? All that running out there.” Liesel would move to the window. “At least he hasn’t painted himself black again.” “Well, that’s something, isn’t it?” RUDY’S REASONS In the middle of August, a Hitler Youth carnival was being held, and Rudy was intent on winning four events: the 1500, 400, 200, and of course, the 100. He liked his new Hitler Youth leaders and wanted to please them, and he wanted to show his old friend Franz Deutscher a thing or two. “Four gold medals,” he said to Liesel one afternoon when she did laps with him at Hubert Oval. “Like Jesse Owens back in ’36.” “You’re not still obsessed with him, are you?” Rudy’s feet rhymed with his breathing. “Not really, but it would be nice, wouldn’t it? It would show all those bastards who said I was crazy. They’d see that I wasn’t so stupid after all.” “But can you really win all four events?” They slowed to a stop at the end of the track, and Rudy placed his hands on his hips. “I have to.” For six weeks, he trained, and when the day of the carnival arrived in mid-August, the sky was ho...
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