The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The only trouble with this was that erik vandenburg

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Unformatted text preview: e forehead. “Don’t go eating all those things at once, either,” and they never saw Arthur Berg again. As for me, I can tell you that I most definitely saw him. A SMALL TRIBUTE TO ARTHUR BERG, A STILL-LIVING MAN The Cologne sky was yellow and rotting, flaking at the edges. He sat propped against a wall with a child in his arms. His sister. When she stopped breathing, he stayed with her, and I could sense he would hold her for hours. There were two stolen apples in his pocket. This time, they played it smarter. They ate one chestnut each and sold the rest of them door to door. “If you have a few pfennig to spare,” Liesel said at each house, “I have chestnuts.” They ended up with sixteen coins. “Now,” Rudy grinned, “revenge.” That same afternoon, they returned to Frau Diller’s, “heil Hitlered,” and waited. “Mixed candy again?” She schmunzeled, to which they nodded. The money splashed the counter and Frau Diller’s smile fell slightly ajar. “Yes, Frau Diller,” they said in unison. “Mixed candy, please.” The framed Führer looked proud of them. Triumph before the storm. THE STRUGGLER, CONCLUDED The juggling comes to an end now, but the struggling does not. I have Liesel Meminger in one hand, Max Vandenburg in the other. Soon, I will clap them together. Just give me a few pages. The struggler: If they killed him tonight, at least he would die alive. The train ride was far away now, the snorer most likely tucked up in the carriage she’d made her bed, traveling on. Now there were only footsteps between Max and survival. Footsteps and thoughts, and doubts. He followed the map in his mind, from Pasing to Molching. It was late when he saw the town. His legs ached terribly, but he was nearly there—the most dangerous place to be. Close enough to touch it. Just as it was described, he found Munich Street and made his way along the footpath. Everything stiffened. Glowing pockets of streetlights. Dark, passive buildings. The town hall stood like a...
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