The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The shoes she looked at rudys feet then at his hands

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Unformatted text preview: ened by what she saw, Liesel placed the book back down, exactly as she found it, against Max’s leg. A voice startled her. “Danke schön,” it said, and when she looked across, following the trail of sound to its owner, a small sign of satisfaction was present on his Jewish lips. “Holy Christ,” Liesel gasped. “You scared me, Max.” He returned to his sleep, and behind her, the girl dragged the same thought up the steps. You scared me, Max. THE WHISTLER AND THE SHOES The same pattern continued through the end of summer and well into autumn. Rudy did his best to survive the Hitler Youth. Max did his push-ups and made his sketches. Liesel found newspapers and wrote her words on the basement wall. It’s also worthy of mention that every pattern has at least one small bias, and one day it will tip itself over, or fall from one page to another. In this case, the dominant factor was Rudy. Or at least, Rudy and a freshly fertilized sports field. Late in October, all appeared to be usual. A filthy boy was walking down Himmel Street. Within a few minutes, his family would expect his arrival, and he would lie that everyone in his Hitler Youth division was given extra drills in the field. His parents would even expect some laughter. They didn’t get it. Today Rudy was all out of laughter and lies. On this particular Wednesday, when Liesel looked more closely, she could see that Rudy Steiner was shirtless. And he was furious. “What happened?” she asked as he trudged past. He reversed back and held out the shirt. “Smell it,” he said. “What?” “Are you deaf? I said smell it.” Reluctantly, Liesel leaned in and caught a ghastly whiff of the brown garment. “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph! Is that —?” The boy nodded. “It’s on my chin, too. My chin! I’m lucky I didn’t swallow it!” “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.” “The field at Hitler Youth just got fertilized.” He gave his shirt another halfhearted, disgusted appraisal. “It’s cow manure, I think.” “Did what’s-his-name—Deutscher—know it was there?...
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