The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The smellno the stenchof guilt he simply couldnt bear

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Unformatted text preview: t perhaps she could get away with only telling Papa, but she didn’t want him thinking that he had a compulsive criminal on his hands. So she ate. On the riverbank where she learned to swim, each apple was disposed of. Unaccustomed to such luxury, they knew it was likely they’d be sick. They ate anyway. “Saumensch!” Mama abused her that night. “Why are you vomiting so much?” “Maybe it’s the pea soup,” Liesel suggested. “That’s right,” Papa echoed. He was over at the window again. “It must be. I feel a bit sick myself.” “Who asked you, Saukerl?” Quickly, she turned back to face the vomiting Saumensch. “Well? What is it? What is it, you filthy pig?” But Liesel? She said nothing. The apples, she thought happily. The apples, and she vomited one more time, for luck. THE ARYAN SHOPKEEPER They stood outside Frau Diller’s, against the whitewashed wall. A piece of candy was in Liesel Meminger’s mouth. The sun was in her eyes. Despite these difficulties, she was still able to speak and argue. ANOTHER CONVERSATION * BETWEEN RUDY AND LIESEL “Hurry up, Saumensch, that’s ten already.” “It’s not, it’s only eight—I’ve got two to go.” “Well, hurry up, then. I told you we should have gotten a knife and sawn it in half. . . . Come on, that’s two.” “All right. Here. And don’t swallow it.” “Do I look like an idiot?” [A short pause] “This is great, isn’t it?” “It sure is, Saumensch. ” At the end of August and summer, they found one pfennig on the ground. Pure excitement. It was sitting half rotten in some dirt, on the washing and ironing route. A solitary corroded coin. “Take a look at that!” Rudy swooped on it. The excitement almost stung as they rushed back to Frau Diller’s, not even considering that a single pfennig might not be the right price. They burst through the door and stood in front of the Aryan shopkeeper, who regarded them with contempt. “I’m waiting,” she said. Her hair was tied back and her black dress choked her body. The framed photo of the Führer kept watch from the wall. “Heil Hitler,” Rudy led. “He...
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