The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

The ten year old anna marie played with the pulpy

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Unformatted text preview: im. “Hey, Rudy.” She pulled at his shirtsleeve. “Good luck.” “I’m not tired,” he said. “I know.” He winked at her. He was tired. In his heat, Rudy slowed to finish second, and after ten minutes of other races, the final was called. Two other boys had looked formidable, and Liesel had a feeling in her stomach that Rudy could not win this one. Tommy Müller, who’d finished second to last in his heat, stood with her at the fence. “He’ll win it,” he informed her. “I know.” No, he won’t. When the finalists reached the starting line, Rudy dropped to his knees and began digging starting holes with his hands. A balding brownshirt wasted no time in walking over and telling him to cut it out. Liesel watched the adult finger, pointing, and she could see the dirt falling to the ground as Rudy brushed his hands together. When they were called forward, Liesel tightened her grip on the fence. One of the boys false-started; the gun was shot twice. It was Rudy. Again, the official had words with him and the boy nodded. Once more and he was out. Set for the second time, Liesel watched with concentration, and for the first few seconds, she could not believe what she was seeing. Another false start was recorded and it was the same athlete who had done it. In front of her, she created a perfect race, in which Rudy trailed but came home to win in the last ten meters. What she actually saw, however, was Rudy’s disqualification. He was escorted to the side of the track and was made to stand there, alone, as the remainder of boys stepped forward. They lined up and raced. A boy with rusty brown hair and a big stride won by at least five meters. Rudy remained. Later, when the day was complete and the sun was taken from Himmel Street, Liesel sat with her friend on the footpath. They talked about everything else, from Franz Deutscher’s face after the 1500 to one of the eleven-year-old girls having a tantrum after losing the discus. Before they proceeded to the...
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