The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

They must be sweaty liesel thought for her own hands

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Unformatted text preview: ding next to Liesel. “Looks like they need to fertilize again.” When the next few weeks were raid-free, life almost returned to normal. Two telling moments, however, were on their way. THE DUAL EVENTS OF OCTOBER The hands of Frau Holtzapfel. The parade of Jews. Her wrinkles were like slander. Her voice was akin to a beating with a stick. It was actually quite fortunate that they saw Frau Holtzapfel coming from the living room window, for her knuckles on the door were hard and decisive. They meant business. Liesel heard the words she dreaded. “You go and answer it,” Mama said, and the girl, knowing only too well what was good for her, did as she was told. “Is your mama home?” Frau Holtzapfel inquired. Constructed of fifty-year-old wire, she stood on the front step, looking back every so often to view the street. “Is that swine of a mother of yours here today?” Liesel turned and called out. DUDEN DICTIONARY MEANING #5 Gelegenheit —Opportunity: A chance for advancement or progress. Related words: prospect, opening, break. Soon, Rosa was behind her. “What do you want here? You want to spit on my kitchen floor now, too?” Frau Holtzapfel was not deterred in the slightest. “Is that how you greet everyone who shows up at your front door? What a G’sindel.” Liesel watched. She was unfortunate enough to be sandwiched between them. Rosa pulled her out of the way. “Well, are you going to tell me why you’re here or not?” Frau Holtzapfel looked once more at the street and back. “I have an offer for you.” Mama shifted her weight. “Is that right?” “No, not you.” She dismissed Rosa with a shrug of the voice and focused now on Liesel. “You.” “Why did you ask for me, then?” “Well, I at least need your permission.” Oh, Maria, Liesel thought, this is all I need. What the hell can Holtzapfel want with me? “I liked that book you read in the shelter.” No. You’re not getting it. Liesel was convinced of that. “Yes?” “I was hoping to...
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