The Book Thief - Markus Zusak

What were you doing in the basement how did you know

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Unformatted text preview: at would happen next. “You’ll rest up. They’ll ask me what we should do with you. I’ll tell them you did a great job.” He blew some more smoke. “And I think I’ll tell them you’re not fit for the LSE anymore and you should be sent back to Munich to work in an office or do whatever cleaning up needs doing there. How does that sound?” Unable to resist a laugh within the grimace of pain, Hans replied, “It sounds good, Sergeant.” Boris Schipper finished his cigarette. “Damn right it sounds good. You’re lucky I like you, Hubermann. You’re lucky you’re a good man, and generous with the cigarettes.” In the next room, they were making up the plaster. THE BITTER TASTE OF QUESTIONS Just over a week after Liesel’s birthday in mid-February, she and Rosa finally received a detailed letter from Hans Hubermann. She ran inside from the mailbox and showed it to Mama. Rosa made her read it aloud, and they could not contain their excitement when Liesel read about his broken leg. She was stunned to the extent that she mouthed the next sentence only to herself. “What is it?” Rosa pushed. “Saumensch?” Liesel looked up from the letter and was close to shouting. The sergeant had been true to his word. “He’s coming home, Mama. Papa’s coming home!” They embraced in the kitchen and the letter was crushed between their bodies. A broken leg was certainly something to celebrate. When Liesel took the news next door, Barbara Steiner was ecstatic. She rubbed the girl’s arms and called out to the rest of her family. In their kitchen, the household of Steiners seemed buoyed by the news that Hans Hubermann was returning home. Rudy smiled and laughed, and Liesel could see that he was at least trying. However, she could also sense the bitter taste of questions in his mouth. Why him? Why Hans Hubermann and not Alex Steiner? He had a point. ONE TOOLBOX, ONE BLEEDER, ONE BEAR Since his father’s recruitment to the army the previous October, Rudy’s anger...
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