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AB-S.V. - Jacob Matson Page 1 LIT 205 Great Works of...

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Jacob Matson Page 1 5/12/2009 LIT 205 – Great Works of Literature: The Novel -- Annotated Bibliography Title of Reading: Slaughterhouse-Five Author: Kurt Vonnegut BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF MAIN IDEAS “Dresden was like the moon now, nothing but minerals” (178). This stark reality faced Billy Pilgrim and the other prisoners as they emerged from the shelter of the slaughterhouse on February 14, 1945. Overnight, more than 200,000 innocent civilians and hundreds of years of history, art, and culture were firebombed into oblivion. Everything was burned to the ground. The image of the post-bombing Dresden painted by Kurt Vonnegut in Slaughterhouse- Five is void of any bravery or honor or heroics. It portrays a much darker, morbid picture that blatantly contradicts the commonly held idea of war. The city of Dresden had no military significance whatsoever, yet it was destroyed simply out of revenge. More simply, the city was a casualty of war. At its very core, war is hell on earth; there is no justice, no right or wrong. Vonnegut confirms this notion multiple times within the course of his novel. It is not more evident
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