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Success of therapy is directly correlated to empathy Therapy with phobias Behavior therapy, specifically systematic desensitization Two types of therapy (directive, non-directive) Ex. Homework = directive Directive is generally more behavioral Psychoanalytic therapy is non-directive (Freud) ABCDE is the foundation of cognitive therapy Irrationality causes mental disorders according to cognitive therapy Group therapy is primarily behavioral Meichenbaum deals with anger management theory is just as much art as it is science because you have to actually understand what is happening on a person to person basis Resistance frequently occurs in therapy (it is often positively reinforced by the therapist) Cognitive therapy v. psychoanalytic is the main deal in psychology. PSYCHOANALYSIS -non directive (the patient is responsible for the session, eg PSY101 small group) -the cause of mental disorders is childhood conflicts (first 5 years) -the cure for mental disorders is awareness/insight -techniques for reaching awareness
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