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Unformatted text preview: 2. C, E 3. B, E 4. A, B 5. A, C 58. Which namespace is not used in an XBRL instance document? Answer: xmlns:xs=”http//” 59. The classic information processing model is Input- Process- Output. With XSLT what input(s) is needed? 1. Both an instance and XSLT document 2. An XSLT document 3. Data 4. An instance document 60. Before XML what could companies use in order to electronically exchange standard based business transactions? 1. The Internet 2. Computers 3. Carrier Pigeon 4. Electronic Data Interchange 61. Which are the required parent element (s) of the Context parent element 1. Dimension 2. Segment 3. Entity 4. Period Both Entity and Period 62. A unit element is always required to be part of an XBRL instance document? False 1. Before XML what could companies use in order to electronically exchange standard based business transactions? Carrier Pigeon Electronic Data Interchange The Internet Computers false 2. XML documents are designed to be human-readable as well as processable by computer. True False f alse 3. Every UBL schema has 3 main parts, place the parts (and if needed sub-parts) in the order that they would appear in a UBL schema: 1 3 Import Schemas 5 prolog Reference reusable components 2 4 Namespace declarations Define Root element Declare Cardinalities 6 false 4. XBRL specification 2.1 is a set of rules and syntax used in the creation of: XBRL taxonomies only XBRL instance documents and taxonomies tags to be used for financial reporting purposes. XBRL instance documents only false 5. Place the parts of an XSLT document in the proper sequence: 1 2 xsl:stylesheet 3 xsl:template 4 prolog HTML 6. Match the phase of XBRL validation with its description. Phase I XML validation - validates the instance document against the XBRL taxonomy schema. Phase II validates all of the contents of the DTS, using the schemaRef link. Phase III validation of required SEC rules. f alse . f alse 1.) Tags <> surrounding data are called Student Response Value Correct Answer 1. Flickr 2. Meta-data 3. Information 4. Attributes 2.) What are the requirements for a well-formed document A. One and only one root element. B. matching beginning and ending names. C. elements can contain attributes that app...
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