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The amount being reported is in the millions 100 2 the

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Unformatted text preview: 2. As part of the schemaRef element. 3. Only as part of a schema document. 4. Anywhere as long as they are in the document. 4. Given the following element: <us- gaap:AccountsReceivableNetCurrent contextRef="I2010Q3" unitRef="USD" decimals="- 6">3869000000</us- gaap:AccountsReceivableNetCurrent> you know that: CORRECT ANSWER- 1. The amount being reported is in the millions 100% 2. the amount being reported is accrue 3. The amount being reported is in the thousands 4. The amount being reported is in the billions 5. Place the parts of an XSLT document in the proper sequence: [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - . CORRECT ANSWER Place the parts of an XSLT document in the proper sequence: [prolog] [xsl:stylesheet] [xsl:template] [HTML]. (100.0%) 6.Match the phase of XBRL validation with its description. Statement Response Value Correct Match CORRECT ANSWER- Phase I XML validation - validates the instance document against the XBRL taxonomy schema. Phase II validates all of the contents of the DTS, using the schemaRef link. Phase III validation of required SEC rules A 4401, FI N L REV EW CG A I CH PTER 1 A 1. What is METADATA? a. Data about data i. Data that gives the data more meaning 2. What is XML used to create? a. Vocabularies i. i.e., XBRL, URL, etc. 3. What does XBRL stand for (spelling counts)? a. Extensible Business Reporting Language 4. What is an INSTANCE DOCUMENT? a. An instance of a company’s financial reporting i. What: Company, Period, Currency, Purpose, Information 5. What is a TAXONOMY? a. Dictionary of what tags can be used to mark- up data i. …a combination of SCHEMA and LINKBASES 6. What are ATTRIBUTES? a. Meta- data (data describing data) i. Data describing the tag 1. <Cat CatColor=”Orange”>Doctor</Cat> a. CatCat = attribute name b. Orange = attribute value 7. What is a SCHEMA? a. Contains the definition of the tags i. Defining elements b. …defines the structure, content, and semantics of XML documents… 8. What are LINKBASES? a. Contains relationships between tags i. Relating elements CH PTER 2 A 9. What does UBL stand for? (spelling counts) a. Universal Business Language 10. What is the extension of an instance document? a. .XML 11. What is the extension of a schema document? a. .XSD 12. What is the...
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