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What does a complex element contain a other elements b

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Unformatted text preview: extension of a stylesheet? a. .XSL 13. What is a STYLESHEET? A 4401, FI N L REV EW CG A I 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. a. Contains formatting instructions for data in the instance document Every XML document starts with what? a. PROLOGUE i. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF- 8" ?> What is the ROOT ELEMENT? a. Opening tag… How do you know if a XML document is well- formed? a. If it opens in a browser What is the root element of a UBL document? a. <Order></Order> What are the 5 UBL document rules? a. Unique root element b. ID c. IssueDate d. 2 party elements e. At least 1 line element CH PTER 3 A 19. What are NAMESPACES? a. Qualify elements and attributes 20. What is the schema used to validate? a. Instance document i. “means instance document conforms to schema rules” 21. Non- Vocabulary Schemas a. What is the namespace prefix… <xs:schema xmlns:xs=http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema> i. <xs:schema… 22. What does a simple element contain? a. Contains only data 23. What does a complex element contain? a. Other elements b. Attributes 24. UBL Schemas a. Prefix: CBC i. Common Basic Components ii. Defines 1. Simple elements 2. Complex (attribute) elements b. Prefix: CAC i. Common Aggregate Components A 4401, FI N L REV EW CG A I ii. Defines 1. Complex (parent) elements 25. UBL… a. What does this mean? …elementFormDefault=”qualified” i. Element names will use a namespace prefix b. What does this mean? …attributeFormDefault=”unqualified” i. Attribute names will not use a namespace prefix 26. Declaring a namespace (in the UBL instance document) a. <Catalogue xmlns=”UBLCatalogueDocument” xmlns:cbc=”UBLCommonBasicComponents” xmlns:cac=”UBLCommonAggregateComponents”> i. Since UBLCatalogueDocument DOES NOT have a prefix… ??? 1. Any element in the instance document without a prefix relates to this namespace CH PTER 4 A 27. schemaRef a. identifies an XBRL taxonomy schema and links it to this XBRL instance document 28. XBRL instance document structure a. Root element i. Name space declarations b. SchemaRef c. Context i. Who’s financial data ii. What period d. Unit of measure i. Currency ii. Shares e. Items i. Elements of the financial statement 29. What is the schemaRef used for? a. Used to link taxonomy schema to the instance document 30. Context (complex element) contains what REQUIRED elements? a. Entity i. Identifier elem...
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