Xbrliunit 11 when an xml processor processes an xml

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Unformatted text preview: in the document. 4. Given the following element: <us- gaap:AccountsReceivableNetCurrent contextRef="I2010Q3" unitRef="USD" decimals="- 6">3869000000</us- gaap:AccountsReceivableNetCurrent> you know that: 1. The amount being reported is in the millions 2. the amount being reported is accrue 3. The amount being reported is in the thousands 4. The amount being reported is in the billions 5. Place the parts of an XSLT document in the proper sequence: [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - . [prolog] [xsl:stylesheet] [xsl:template] [HTML]. 6. Match the phase of XBRL validation with its description. Phase I XML validation - validates the instance document against the XBRL taxonomy schema. Phase II validates all of the contents of the DTS, using the schemaRef link. Phase III validation of required SEC rules 7. XBRL stands for: (Spelling counts, typos will be counted wrong). 1. extensible 2. business 3. reporting 4. language 8. What are the requirements for a well- formed document A. One and only one root element. B. matching beginning and ending names. C. elements can contain attributes that appear following the beginning element name D. all elements are properly nested E. all elements must come from a vocabulary F. all elements must have a namespace prefix. G. all elements names but be understandable. 1. 3. 5. 7. A, B, C, E A, B, C, D B, C, D, F D, E, F, G 2. 4. 6. A, B, C, F A, B, C, G C, D, F, G 9. Every UBL schema has 3 main parts, place the parts (and if needed sub- parts) in the order that they would appear in a UBL schema: [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - [- - - - - [prolog] [Namespace declarations] [Import Schemas] [Define Root element] [Reference reusable components] [Declare Cardinalities] OR [prolog] [Namespace declarations] [Import Schemas] [Define Root element] [Declare Cardinalities] [Reference reusable components] 10. In an XBRL instance document which element is required to appear after the root element? 1. xbrli:Context 2. xbrli:xbrl 3. link:schmeaRef 4. xbrli:Unit...
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