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Unformatted text preview: orst case, sales are poor, but you built inventory for the best case. As a consequence, all of your cash is tied up in the inventory sitting in the warehouse. You want to have at least one dollar in Cash in your worst case scenario. What do we need to do for the Rehearsal? For each product, use the FastTrack's segment page to determine what customers expect for Price and to compare your product with competing product's awareness and accessibility. Decide upon a marketing mix for each product. For example, you might lower Able's price a dollar, and increase its promotion and sales budgets by $100 thousand. For a demand forecast, enter last year's demand. Save the decisions. Under File, select Update Official Decisions. Tactic 3: Scheduling Production What is this tactic about? At the simplest level, we must have inventory to sell, and in this tactic we tell our plant how many units to produce. We will offer our production, plus any inventory left over from last year, for sale to our customers. 4 In a perfect world we would produce exactly enough inventory to meet demand. Unf...
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