Foundation Rehearsal script


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Unformatted text preview: s a sales budget that drives customer accessibility. Think of place as “what happens during and after the sale.” It customers find it easy to examine your product, talk to your employees, and take delivery, they are more likely to choose your product. Product ‐ in the context here, we are concerned with forecasting demand so that we can produce adequate inventory. After all, no inventory, no sales. In a broader sense, product design ‐ the invention and positioning of a product ‐are also marketing concerns. For each product, we will set a price, promotion budget, sales (or place) budget, and a demand forecast. 3 Where do we get the data to market our product? The Team Member Guide and the Foundation FastTrack. The Team Member Guide discusses all four elements in section 4.2 Marketing. The FastTrack presents market segment pages that tell us what customers want and contrast the competing products. The market share page breaks down demand by product and segment. The Perceptual Map plots all the product positions on a map. How do we make the decisions? Bring up...
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