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Unformatted text preview: , they will want a performance of 8.1. We need to know four things. When our product comes out of R&D, what will customers want for performance, size, age and reliability? How do we make the decisions? Open the R&D spreadsheet. Enter new Performance, Size, and MTBF specifications. Click “Recalculate.” Observe the following: On the Perceptual Map, our product appears twice. The black letters show where our product is today. We will make and sell the product at those specifications until the product emerges from R&D. The magenta letters show where our product will be when it emerges from R&D. In the table we see a Revision Date and an Age at Revision. Whenever we move a product on the map, no matter how far it moves, the day it emerges from R&D the customers perceive it as being “new and improved,” and they cut its age in half. We can see this graphically in the Age Profile chart at the bottom of the spreadsheet. If a product is revised in the middle of the year, its age profile will...
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