Foundation Rehearsal script


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Unformatted text preview: e the customer expectations change over time. For example, a year from now customers will expect different Size and Performance specifications, and your product will be a year older. You need to plan a revision today that will give customers what they want a year from now. Where do we get the data to plan a revision? We need two reports ‐ The Foundation FastTrack, and the Industry Conditions Report. The FastTrack was published yesterday, December 31st. We are making decisions on January 1st for the upcoming year. In the FastTrack we will find a Segment Analysis page associated with each segment. On the page we will find a “Customer Buying Criteria” box. It tells us what customers wanted yesterday. In the Industry Conditions Report, we will find how quickly those expectations are changing. For example, suppose the FastTrack says that High Tech customers wanted a Performance of 7.4 yesterday. The Industry Conditions Report tells us that High Tech customers expect Performance to improve by 0.7 each year. Therefore at the end of this year...
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