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Unformatted text preview: rsal script (PDF available here) The Capstone Courier (click the Reports link on the Rehearsal menu in the right panel) The Industry Conditions report (click the Reports link on the Rehearsal menu) Tip! The "expand/collapse" link in the frame separator will open and close this area. Good luck! Please Note: During the Rehearsal, you are assigned to the "Andrews" company. Do not worry if you have been assigned to a different company. When the real simulation begins you will make decisions for your assigned company. 1 Tactic 1 ­ Repositioning a Product What is this tactic about? Positioning a product means choosing product attributes that customers want. You have two customer types or segments ‐ Low Tech and High Tech. They are interested in four product characteristics ‐ Size, Performance (which together are plotted on the Perceptual Map), Age and Reliability. Each customer segment has different preferences. Your task is to give customers what they want, and that requires repositioning becaus...
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