Foundation Rehearsal script


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Unformatted text preview: look like a sawtooth. In the Material Cost chart we can see the old product's material cost versus the revised product. Two things drive material cost ‐ the positioning on the map, and the MTBF specification. 2 Are there tips to keep in mind? Projects can only begin on January 1st. If an old project is still underway on January 1st, we cannot begin a new one. Usually we should keep projects under twelve months. (Exceptions would be for very long moves, like repositioning to a different segment.) The more projects we add, the longer each project takes. This can cause earlier project completion dates to slip. Always check the revision dates for all projects before saving decisions. Long projects can move a product from one segment to another ‐ for example, from Low Tech to High Tech. This can take two or even three years. Time the project to end in December. That way it will be available for a follow‐up project immediately. Also consider moving the product in several steps instead of one big jump to manage the perceived Age. What do we need to do...
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