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Rehearsal Tutorial Completed

Process ifyoudonotseetheprocessoptionit

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Unformatted text preview: ocess. Please see the picture below and then scroll down for a picture of what your tutorial should look like once you are done. PROCESS If you do not see the process option it is because you have not yet gotten all of the rehearsal quiz questions correct. Take the quiz again until you get them all correct. Do not worry about the reported “score”, it doesn’t matter! Once you have completed the tutorial and have processed your decisions, your tutorial page should look like the picture below. You see there is the option to REPLAY (do the tutorial round again for practice‐go for it if you’d like) and it also states Tutorial Completed. If you do not see this then you have not completed the tutorial. Your “dashboard” when you log in should also show the Rehearsal Tutorial as completed. Please see the syllabus for this, and every other, due date and time. REPLAY COMPLETED...
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