Muscle tension is determined by frequency of acbon

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Unformatted text preview: Human d.  House cat Bite force h"p:// The relaGonship between force and area can be used to calculate bite force Force = Cross secGonal area (CSA) X Specific tension (P0) King mackerel Feeding performance of king mackerel  ­Bite force  ­Strike force  ­Bite pressure King mackerel Muscle force vector King mackerel Bite Force vector Results: Bite force Closed FL (cm) 107 117.8 0% 31.38 154.98 35.66 167.84 half open 50% 20.32 73.86 26.62 107.88 fully open 100% 17.64 58.14 42.8 123.38 Anterior (N) Posterior (N) Anterior (N) Posterior (N) Muscle properGes  ­ Muscles work in antagonisGc pairs because they can only forcibly shorten  ­ Muscle force is proporGonal to...
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