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A 50 lb dumbell b a large stone c your physiology

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Unformatted text preview: s. 1. The filaments completely overlap and the sarcomere cannot shorten 2. the filaments overlap and the sarcomere can shorten sub opGmally 3. The filaments overlap opBmally and the sarcomere shortens, highest tension is seen here (P0) 4. The filaments do not overlap and cannot contract. Muscle tension SummaGon Fused tetanus Twitches summate when they occur at a fast enough rate, and produce fused tetanus when they are no longer disGnguishable as separate twitches. These phenomena are caused by Ca2+ persisGng in cytoplasm Muscle properGes  ­ Muscles work in antagonisGc pairs because they can only forcibly shorten  ­ Muscle force is proporGonal to Cross SecGonal Area of muscle.  ­ Muscle tension is determined by frequency of acGon potenGals  ­ Muscle tension reaches a maximum at an opGmal middle...
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